Arboretum Wishlist

Arboretum Wishlist


Please contact us before dropping off items and only donate items in new or gently worn condition.


Construction … all types!
Well repair
Chimney Sweep
Historian (there are people in the area who know the history of the property. It would be great to have it recorded!)
Grant Writer
Marketing Person
Videographer (someone to take pictures of our events)

Someone who can move wood chips, soil, stone, and materials
Have a pick up truck or cargo van (to move items to the property)?

Garden Materials:
Native plants
Garden tools (shovels, trowels, etc…)
Garden gloves
Wheel Barrows

Cement (for small patio and walkway)
Topsoil and compost (for gardens and lawn repair)
Lawn equipment (push mower, leaf blower, etc.)
Clean 5 gallon contractor buckets

Outdoor Items
Picnic tables
Outdoor furniture, benches
Rope hammock –  Thanks Emily and thank your friend! We can still use a couple more!
Chairs (folding) – Thanks for yours, Gerry & Jack!

For our community center
Microwave (small)
12+ cup coffee maker

Wood burning stove
Doors (must be correct size)
Windows (must be correct size)

Cold Water Dispenser  (5 gal)
Water Hose (high quality)
Space Heater

Books on nature or native plants
Education supplies (pencils, markers, paper, notepads, etc….)
Microscope & slides
Magnifying glasses
Digital cameras


Plastic eggs for our Forest Easter Egg Hunt
Unused gift cards of all kinds

How about eBay? Have some unwanted items that are too good to toss but it’s time to move? We’re starting an eBay account to raise funds for projects. If you have something salable bring it to a volunteer day or contact us about dropping it off at the Arboretum. IT IS A TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT!  (receipts available)

Maybe we missed something you think we can use? Feel free to make suggestions!
Contact Ken with ideas.