Volcano Mulching

Volcano Mulching

OverMulchingTree2Stop volcano mulching!!

Spring is approaching when you see landscaping companies spreading mulch around the beds of corporate parks and shopping centers. Unfortunately many of these landscaping companies are not educated in horticulture. The practice of mounding mulch up high around the base of the tree trunk can lead to the death of your tree. I snapped this photo of a freshly over mulched tree victim while leaving a corporate area the other day.

Do you ever see trees in natural settings growing out of mounds of dirt? Absolutely not!  Unfortunately homeowners across the country see this practice in corporate parks and copy the technique.  The tree’s roots will start to grow up into the high mulch. The high mulch starts to decay the base of the tree which can lead to insect and rodent damage.

Try to educate neighbors if you see them over mulching their plants, shrubs and trees.  Those heavily mulched areas will soon become barren landscapes.

An excellent article about the hazards of mulch volcanoes:


A guide to planting trees by the National Wildlife Federation:


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