Two Plants for the Bees!

Two Plants for the Bees!

MountainMintStrolling around the Boyertown area famous “Jake’s Flea Market” two years ago, I encountered a gentleman with a sign that said something like “Plants for the Bees”. I asked if the plants were native and he said that they were. He also said that these two selections would guarantee that the bees would definitely benefit from having these beauties around. I was intrigued and bought the plants, thinking that I would double-check if the plants were native when I got home.

AniseHyssopThe man selling the plants was correct on both; Anise Hyssop ‘Agastache foeniculum’ and Short Toothed Mountain Mint ‘Pycanthemum muticum’ truly attract the most bees that I have seen and are native! Pollinators such as bees are crucial for the survival of plants and to mankind. We really do have to make sure that bees, a critical link in the circle of life, survive and thrive.

I recently moved the Short Toothed Mountain Mint to a place where I did not mind if it spread. If you want to fill an area, this may be the plant for you. It has an almost silver like appearance. The Anise Hyssop is a gorgeous periwinkle color and would be a great addition to any garden!

PYGKlogoFacebookPaula Ziegler is a local resident who has a concern for the fate of bees, butterflies, and all wildlife which inspire her to find solutions to creating wildlife habitat gardens that fit into the look of the neighborhood.  Her hope is that you enjoy her blogs and perhaps start a wildlife garden of your own!  Learn more about Paula at


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