Sponsor an Althouse Arboretum Event

Sponsor an Althouse Arboretum Event

By sponsoring an Althouse Arboretum event you not only connect with all who participate, but your name or business is included in publicizing the event, both on the website and in other media. Here you not only establish name recognition but your name is associated with an organization that is known as a leader in supporting youth leadership, sustainability and the environment.

Can be sponsored by companies, groups, organizations, individuals, memorials and more.

  • Name (and link) with event on Facebook, newsletter and website
  • Name on event handout
  • Business card distribution with handout, if desired


Nature Story Time and Hike (2) $100
Grandparents Day $100
Dog Days of Summer $100
Lost and Found 5k $200
Forest Easter Egg Hunt $200
Nature Exploration Series  (Total for all 5) $250
Trivia Night $250
Orienteering 5K $250
Family Night Hike (2 nights) $500
Haunted Woods (2 nights) $500
Winter Festival $200
Wilderness Badges $100
Sunset Hike $100
Summer Camps  (For all Weeks) $500
High School Leadership Camp $100
Pottstown Library at the Arboretum $250
Open House $250


Contact us today to see if the event you’d like to sponsor is still available.