Pottsgrove Students

Pottsgrove Students

images.duckduckgo.comThe day is overcast. Student representatives from the Spark the Wave Club and the Environmental Club of Pottsgrove High School meet to discuss the upcoming work day they’ve scheduled for classmates and members of their organizations.

As it starts to drizzle they’re asked if they want to put off physically mapping out the areas where their teams will work. “Nope, let’s do it.” As we walk through the future Children’s Forest, they decide where areas for various activities will be cleared and laid out.

The rain becomes a little harder. No umbrellas. No one really dressed for rain. Should we turn back? “No, we said we would do this.”

We walk the trails, slip on the mud, discuss the benefits of one site over another for the Zen gardens as the rain increases in intensity. Should this one be wind or earth? Is this the best location for a quiet experience? What should be cleared? What should be left? A half hour later (or was it more?) Thoroughly soaked, we return to our cars, our homes and hopefully warm, dry clothes.

2014-11-19 03.45.39A few weeks later it’s mid-November and the teams arrive. Temperature borders or freezing. Students all show-up. Zen gardens are cleared, an outdoor classroom space is created. With high spirits, they work non-stop on project after project in the freezing cold. It’s done. It’s beautiful. Wow.2014-11-19 02.57.39


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