Orange Day Lilies

Orange Day Lilies

Hemerocallis fulva 

While there are Day Lilies native to the area, Orange Day Lilies are. They were brought to the United States in the 19th century and once planted spread rapidly through their roots and can be invasive creating dense patches that natives can’t penetrate.

That being sai many gardeners (including early owners of the Arboretum) value them for their hardiness and enjoy watching them open one flower at a time that lasts one day.   They last a long time as those as you see at the Arboretum near the parking lot started from plants over 50 years ago! And as we dig them up you’re welcome to purchase them for your own garden, though if you don’t want them to spread we suggest planting them in a buried pot.

They grow best in full sun, will take light shade and we’ll have them for sale at the Easter Egg Hunt!

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