Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas Tree Recycling

2015-01-09 22.32.228:30am Saturday morning. 10 degrees. Althouse Arboretum, student volunteers arrived.  9am cars and trucks with trees began arriving.

Spark the Wave students from Upper Pottsgrove high school and students from Boyertown high school spent from 9am to 3pm unloading Christmas trees and kept moving to stay as warm as they could.

Community residents showed up continuously throughout the day, delighted to not even need to leave the warmth of their vehicle to unload their trees. Many expressed their gratitude with cash donations, several who didn’t have cash with them actually came back to make a donation!

2015-01-10 01.20.12Some also returned with more trees, (one returned with a tree that had flown out of his truck on the way!) but our favorite return was Ms Karen Pendell from the High School administrative staff who returned with hot chocolate and donuts for the volunteers which were gratefully accepted! Thank you, Ms Pendell!

There were 107 cars (we ran out of flyers!) and 148 trees unloaded!


2015-01-10 00.43.31By 3pm the temperature had reached a balmy 18 degrees and all went home to get warm!

And get ready to do it again next year!


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