Chemical Free Lawn Care

Chemical Free Lawn Care

IMG_5428Chemical Free Lawn Care with Corn Gluten Meal – This stuff works!

As a child growing up in the 70’s, I remember when dandelions in yards were to be picked and made a wish upon! There were fields nearby full of insects and butterflies. I absolutely loved the sound of crickets and katydids at night and I still do. I also think back to my school years and I did not know of anyone with autism, in fact I had never heard of the disease until the 90s. I am a firm believer that our nation’s over indulgence of chemicals is to blame for the soaring rates of autism and cancer, and the decline of bees and butterflies.

Over the years, the booming lawn care industry has lead Americans to believe that a chemical lawn is the standard. Unfortunately “weed & feed” in whatever product has changed the environment drastically.

I heard about corn gluten meal organic weed preventative while listening to WHYY radio show host Mike McGrath years ago. You can apply it in late March—I am applying it this weekend before the snow! Corn gluten meal will prevent seeds from germinating and will give you the greenest and most sustainable yard in the neighborhood! I personally witness each summer that chemically fed lawns will burn out but our yard will stay green and healthy all season long.

Corn gluten meal is safe for people and pets and it dissolves into the soil. With each year that you apply it, you are creating a healthy lawn that your chemical lawn neighbors will approve of. CGM will not kill existing weeds, but those are easily removed with a dandelion digger. Get the whole family out to dig out existing dandelions and then enjoy the benefits of CGM. You will have fewer weeds in your lawn each year. New weeds seeds will not be able to germinate.

I am providing a link to Mike McGrath’s information on CGM below. I personally purchase my corn gluten meal at the Agway in Collegeville, PA. Call ahead to your local garden supply store to see if they carry a CGM product. Mike McGrath’s link provides other sources as well. Share this information with your neighbors and help change the world!

You Bet Your Garden with Mike McGrath

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